Gallery Update. It's been a while.

I'm still trying to figure out what'd be a good way to post stuff I've drawn or painted here, seeing how it's both finished stuff and rough sketches, and I don't really want to post a single rough sketch on the front page.

But for now, have a dozen pics from the last few months that I hadn't uploaded here yet:

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Looking for A to Z prompts

Last year I took part in the April A to Z challenge and wrote ficlets, nearly all of them drabbles (that is 100 words long exactly).

You can see the result at April A to Z Challenge 2013 - with a comment mentioning which prompt or prompts I used under each story.

I'd like to try again this year (and see if I can finish earlier, and I'd like you to give me prompts to write to.

So, I need at least 26 words or short phrases, one for each letter of the alphabet.

As an alternative, or additionally, you can also give me the name of a character I've already written about to feature. To make that easier, I made a (not entirely complete) List of Named Characters, with links to their respective stories.

Please help me to fill the list. :D


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Do you have something for me?

A bunch of people I follow on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal are using Women's History month for a writing meme, so let's try this...

Ask me something about one of my female characters, or give me a prompt specific for one of my my female characters.

Projects 2014

I have a bad habit of putting off stuff. Maybe keeping a list of stuff to do will help. This post will be updated with a link when something is done, or new goals/projects as they come up.


Looks like it. A few things mostly to do with navigation got lost, I'll try to fix those soon.

But the content is there.


Let's keep this short.

Before I started the A to Z thing, I attempted to upgrade the CMS my website runs on.
Something went wrong.
Then something went wrong when I tried to restore it.

Since then I can't create new posts (everything posted since then is repurposed old drafts) or switch on the spam filter.

I had planned to keep going until after the A to Z Challenge was finished, but that was before I knew I'd get over a thousand spam comments a day. After accidentally deleting two legit comments when trying to clean up, I switched off comments, and without a chance of comments, posting's not so much fun.

I'll try to get the page working and updated in the course of the week(end), though I can't promise anything.

Gallery Update - Sketch Fests 2012 and January 2013

I mentioned I didn't keep up with uploading pictures last year, right? So here are all sketches I drew during Sketch Fests. Since I skipped some of them, of this might be unmanageable. I hope this year I can take part more regularly, and finish more things - this batch has a lot of very rough sketches.

Sketch Fest 32 (January 2013)

Last year's under the cut.

Gallery Update - Remaining Art For Others 2012

Last year I didn't nearly draw as much as I wanted, and was remiss in posting the things I did draw online, too.

So, here the remaining images I drew of other people's characters, or for other people in general.

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Cheese Sticks Recipe

Have a recipe for a savoury snack/finger-food that I like making for New Year's Eve.

220g flour
130g parmesan, grated
130g emmenthaler, grated
130g butter
200g sour cream
salt, paprika (sweet)

Mix the ingredients until you get a sorta even dough.

Let the dough rest in the fridge for half an hour.

Roll out the dough to about half a centimetre and cut it into narrow stripes. (Thinner sticks will be finished sooner and/or get crispier, thicker ones will stay more "juicy"; it's a matter of taste.)

Twist each stripe screw-like before setting it on a baking sheet.

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C (that's 392F) and bake the cheese sticks for 8+ minutes.

Yields 4-5 baking sheets full.

Optional: Brush the cheese sticks with egg yolk and add sesame, coarse ground salt, or similar, before baking.

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Gallery Update

It's been a while since I last announced gallery updates, so a bunch of the postcard-sized drawings, mostly of other people's characters, have accumulated.

And 11 more

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