Fiction Index

Title All terms Post date
Money Down The Drain Drabbles, Nico 21 November, 2014
Lemon and Lime Slice of Life 10 October, 2014
King Is Now Crown Prince Again Fantasy, Drabbles, Third person 12 September, 2014
Jingles Fantasy, Drabbles, Animals, Magic, Third person 05 September, 2014
Inviting Drabbles, Slice of Life 29 August, 2014
Hats Drabbles, Fairy Tales, Magic, First person 22 August, 2014
Skating on the Edge Nico, Third person 15 August, 2014
Dame Lydia Flash Fiction, Third person 08 August, 2014
Giraffidae Drabbles 25 July, 2014
Fancy Drabbles, Nico, Third person 11 July, 2014
Empathy Fantasy, Drabbles, Eodea, Magic, Sylvie, Third person 13 June, 2014
Dance Drabbles, Eodea, Magic, Third person 07 June, 2014
Coin Fantasy, Drabbles, Fairy Tales 30 May, 2014
Bankrupt Drabbles, Third person 03 April, 2014
Amazing Drabbles 02 April, 2014
Betrayed from Within Science fiction, Flash Fiction, Identity, Third person 28 March, 2014
Wanted Third person 21 March, 2014
Improper Breakfast Drabbles, Slice of Life, First person 14 March, 2014
Not Narnia Fantasy, Third person 07 March, 2014
Restless Hands Eodea, Flash Fiction, Third person 28 February, 2014
Spelunking Flash Fiction, Third person 21 February, 2014
Mind-Ful of Make-Up Flash Fiction, Contemporary Fantasy, Third person 14 February, 2014
A New Pet Microfiction, Humour, Slice of Life, Third person 07 February, 2014
Freeze and Thaw Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Sylvie, Third person 31 January, 2014
Pretty Lights Fantasy, Science fiction, Flash Fiction 24 January, 2014
Wishful Dreams Flash Fiction, Humour, Slice of Life, Third person 17 January, 2014
Bottling Feelings Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Contemporary Fantasy, Third person 10 January, 2014
Homegrown Food Flash Fiction, Humour, Slice of Life, Third person 03 January, 2014
Walk in the Rain Flash Fiction, Slice of Life, Third person 23 August, 2013
A Touch of Friendship Fantasy, Flash Fiction, Nico, Sylvie, Third person 16 August, 2013