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Throne of Thorns

Genre: Fantasy,
Summary: When the center of the kingdom is a tree, a gardener may have the authority to crown a queen. Decisions, however, are made by others.
Words: 533

Fiction tags: Flash Fiction Fantasy

Winding Ways

Genre: Vignette
Summary: Just a little snippet inspired by a park nearby
Words: 149

Fiction tags: Vignette
tagged Eodea

Counting Heads

Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life
Notes: Based on the prompt "orc accountant" by Royce Day
Words: 286

Fiction tags: Eodea Flash Fiction

A Thread of Magic

Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A serf figures our that she has been working magic for her master.
Notes: Based on the prompt "magic embroidery" by Lynn E. O'Connacht
Words: 1179

Fiction tags: Short stories

Chasing Clouds

Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Yann has carefully studied old tales of a certain kind of magic. Now she gives it a practical test.
Words: 239

Dreaming of Ink

Genre/Summary: Just a strange little dream-like vignette
Notes: injury involving blood. Sort of.
Words: 300

Fiction tags: Vignette

Holiday Treat

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Summary: Joanna watches her neighbour's colour-eating bat for a weekend, and is tempted to take the opportunity for a prank.
Notes: Kunama asked in the open prompt call for more of the colour vampire. The previous stories are Losing Colour and Viridian Vegetation
Words: 997


Genre: Horror
Summary: A couple moves into their new house. Strange things happen.
Notes: Prompted by Clare-Dragonfly.
This is a horror story. If you want to have some idea what to expect in terms of unpleasantness, highlight the following: agressive/violent behaviour while possessed; involuntary transformation
Words: 1175

Fiction tags: Horror
tagged Flash Fiction Fishbowl

Flash Fiction Fishbowl - Prime the Pump

So my writing's been down a bit. Would you help me?

Leave prompts for me - a prompt can be a word, a phrase, a question, and image, whatever - and I'll write flash fiction based on them.

No theme, just give me what comes to mind. If you get more ideas with a theme, you can try with a theme of "Fluff" ;)
You can also ask for "more of [story]", or ask questions about characters, settings etc. that I've written before.

You can leave multiple prompts. I'll try to use at least one prompt from everyone who comments. I may use several prompts from different people for the same story.

If I use one of your prompts for a story and I have a way to send it to you privately, I'll do so. All stories will go into the (currently nearly dry) pool of stories from which I pull for posting Friday Flash.

I'll do my best to write self-contained stories (cause I like those best), but might end up with something more like the start to a longer story.

There's no firm deadline/time frame, so as long as this post hasn't been changed to say it's closed, feel free to add more.

What would you like me to write?

Inktober & Owltober 2015

Inktober is an annual art challenge to create one image using ink per day in October. (Or one every other day, or one every week; it's about building steady habits. Also ink.)

Owltober is a challenge to draw one owl per day throughout October.

I decided to combine them this year.

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