Setting: ?
Genre: ? (It's a fantasy world, though it doesn't show here.)
Summary: After inadvertedly destroying the merchant family he was part of, Brice is on his own.
Warnings: none
Note: The title was a prompt by Becky. Brice also appeared in A Proposal, which takes place later.
Words: 100

Fiction tags: Third person Drabbles



The thing I like most about drawing is... making marks on paper.

ACEOs, ballpoint pen.

These are available for trade or sale.

tagged Super heroes


Setting: ?
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy / Super Heroes
Summary: A police officer sees a costumed hero getting too full of himself.
Warnings: none
Note: The title was a prompt by Ellen Million. Adanne Amaechi appeared in No Getting Away For That Crook, too.
Words: 100

Fiction tags: Drabbles

Gallery Update. It's been a while.

I'm still trying to figure out what'd be a good way to post stuff I've drawn or painted here, seeing how it's both finished stuff and rough sketches, and I don't really want to post a single rough sketch on the front page.

But for now, have a dozen pics from the last few months that I hadn't uploaded here yet:

Blog tags: Gallery updates

Looking for A to Z prompts

Last year I took part in the April A to Z challenge and wrote ficlets, nearly all of them drabbles (that is 100 words long exactly).

You can see the result at April A to Z Challenge 2013 - with a comment mentioning which prompt or prompts I used under each story.

I'd like to try again this year (and see if I can finish earlier, and I'd like you to give me prompts to write to.

So, I need at least 26 words or short phrases, one for each letter of the alphabet.

As an alternative, or additionally, you can also give me the name of a character I've already written about to feature. To make that easier, I made a (not entirely complete) List of Named Characters, with links to their respective stories.

Please help me to fill the list. :D

A -
B -
C -
D -

tagged Science fiction Identity

Betrayed from Within

Setting: Identity
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: The city's in uproar over a case of police brutality.
Warnings: Police brutality
Note: The title was a prompt by zenicurean. I've written other ficlets in the same setting, which you can find on the Identity Landing Page
Words: 415

tagged Eodea Yrn


Setting: Yrn, Eodea
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Vian needs to leave her home country, before something stops her.
Notes/warnings: none
Words: 485

Fiction tags: Third person

Improper Breakfast

Setting: Real World
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: Two people have rather different ideas about breakfast
Notes/warnings: none
Words: 100

tagged Writing Questions

Do you have something for me?

A bunch of people I follow on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal are using Women's History month for a writing meme, so let's try this...

Ask me something about one of my female characters, or give me a prompt specific for one of my my female characters.

tagged Fantasy

Not Narnia

Setting: ?
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: A wardrobe that goes on for an unexplainably long way can lead to adventure - or worse, depending how the people on the other side view "invaders".
Warnings: violence and death
Notes: Based on the prompt "A fantasy world with no candles, lamps, or other artificial light sources" by LilFluff
Words: 614

Fiction tags: Third person Fantasy
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