Flash Fiction Fishbowl - leave prompts, get short short fiction

The Flash Fiction Fishbowl is a periodic event without firm schedule during which I invite people to give me prompts. I'll use those prompts as inspiration for writing flash fiction.

Flash Fiction, also known as micro fiction or short short stories, are quick reading each, since they're at most 1000 words long.

A prompt can for example be a keyword, a phrase, a question, an image, a random real-world or made-up fact, or a what-if question. Asking for a continuation of an older story of mine is also possible. Each Fishbowl will have an optional theme, which might help with coming up with prompt ideas, but is also open to general prompts.

The last Fishbowl had the theme Law and Order

If you'd like more information about the general structure of a Fishbowl, read on.

The Stories

I try to write each story self-contained in 100-300 words, but they often turn out longer, occasionally shorter, and sometims more open-ended than other times.

The result likely won't be exactly one story per person, since several prompts may combine to form one story idea, but I will do my best to use at least one prompt from each participant.

I will not write erotica or fanfiction. If I find myself absolutely out of ideas with the prompts someone left, I may ask for new prompts.

If I used one of your prompts in a story, I will share that story with you privately (via email, or the internal messaging system of whatever site you left your comment at.) In addition tips will sponsor more stories that go public immediately. Remaining works will go into a pool from which I publish one random story for free each Friday, but stories can also be sponsored to go public immediately. Exceptions will be stories I might want to submit elsewhere.


I accept tips, which come with individual and collective perks. I'm still experimenting, so they change a bit each time. If someone has an idea for a perk, don't hesitate to suggest it for the next round.

Anybody who tips will receive a link to a document with all unpublished stories from the Fishbowl they tipped for. They can also decide which story or stories of those they want to sponsor with their tip.

Anybody who tipped "blind" may pick at least one story based on a prompt they left, regardless of wordcount. (So if you tip $3, but a story I write for you is so long I'd ask for $8 to sponsor it, you can still have it go public.)
Alternatively they may chose to sponsor other stories. If someone leaves a tip that covers more words than the stories written for them have, they can put the remainder towards another story.
If someone doesn't want to chose, that's fine, too, and the tip goes to a general pot. I'll make sure at the end at least 400 words per $10 donated go public.

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