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Link roundup - Octopi and other marine molluscs

News story: Bored octopus juggles crabs, shorts out aquarium

Photos and bits of science: Octopi with forked tentacles

Art: Colourful cartoony octopi by Rawjawbone - sample:

Art: Meg Lyman draws, among other things, squids and other cephalopods, and they're often very cute.

More Art:

Photo (via National Geographic, click for original)
Supposedly smiling octopus
looks more like this to me

Nudibranchs are, sort of, cute, colourful miniature sea slugs, as far as I can tell.
Have some sample photos by Raymond™ from his Nudibranch flickr stream
red, black, white, blue and grumpy

Nudi Pixel is a website dedicated to become a spotter's guide. They have over 10.000 (ten thousand) photos in their gallery.

more nudibranch links:
Another flickr set
Blog entry at Scienceray with a selection of photos

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