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Echo Bazaar At The Races

Echo Bazaar is a browser game I've been playing for a while. It's a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure thing with a dark-fantasy-victorian atmosphere. Refreshingly, one of the gender options is "it's none of your business", and "romance" themed thread are not limited or changed depending on gender.

Playing requires either a Twitter or a Facebook account. Most content is free, though there are some extra plots you can unlock with real money.

For the people involved already, a little spoiler regarding the Day at the Races option that costs Fate:

Once you've chosen to pay the entrance fee, you get a new Quality, "Time Remaining" at 7. Don't worry, though; this refers to time remaining on one race you enter, and you can go around as often as you want, until you decide to go home, similar to the Empress' Court. Unless it was just a glitch, though, while you are at the races, you cannot uncover any new Opportunity cards.

You have two basic choices. You can "mingle with the crowd", which has four options, each unlocked by having a particular hat. Those I tried paid out some goods and raised a connection (Dockers from the one unlocked with a pirate hat, Revolutionaries from the one unlocked with a ridiculous hat). This branch doesn't affect "time remaining".

The other one is joining a race, which is sort of a mini chose-your-own-adventure. Various branches in there test various qualities, and a few pay out small amounts of goods. Unless I missed anything, each turn lowers "Time Remaining" by one, and you'll get prizes depending on your standing at the end, which may include the items that give second chances and goods (I think 150 of 3 or 4 different ones when you were well in the lead). If you win as clearly as can be, it includes a Venom Ruby. No idea what those are good for, but I've seen them nowhere else so far.

After you got your prizes, you can go around again.

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IF you spend 3 Fate to go to the Shroom Hopping Races, you can keep racing until you have all the rubies you need, but will not be able to raise your qualities, except in tiny amounts--the hats, if I recall*--although you can buy and sell** at the Bazaar, and change your outfits.
I was able to win 5 rubies in a day at average level 80.
*You do not need to WEAR the hats to access this, just have them.
Modish Bonnet: Watchful Test / Increase
Pirate Hat: Shadowy
Iron Hat: Dangerous
Ridiculous Hat: Persuasive
**Buy a Tasseled Cane, and save your Glim. You'll see...

I have gotten Venom Rubies from winning 1st Place at the Hopping Post. This is only if you pay the 3 Fate to actually sign up to participate. Winning gives you a bunch of goods as well as a venom ruby for each time won.

Sorry, the only other place I found one at also required fate (Something involving the affectionate devil giving a gift).

I need venom-rubies but I'm out of Fate. Anyone know where I can get them besides the Races?

You can also get 50 diamonds and sapphires each if you go through the intimate of devils and get your soul stolen.

I found sapphires! At the entrance of the Labyrinth of Tigers, the Bazaar thingy of Mister Stones usually gives you a diamond, but if you're lucky you get two sapphires instead. And the "Stealth Watch Repair" option unlocked witht he Bandit Chief pays out one of each.

Have you found Venom Rubies anywhere else?

I've just come across that very card. I haven't seen any sapphires, though, and I'm not interested in paying Fate for venom-rubies if I can get them elsewhere.

If you don't mind spoilers, I've read that the reward for this is the item mentioned on the opportunity card, i.e. a unique equippable thingy.

Thanks for the info! I think I gave the Lapidary only 2 or 3 loads of Glim so far, so I haven't seen that yet.

Or found any sapphires, for that matter. XD

Just so you know, Venom-Rubies can be used as part of "The Keen-Eyed Lapidary's offer" gold cards. Stage two requires a gift of 1 x Tasselled Walking-Stick , 5 x Diamond , 5 x Sapphire , 5 x Venom-ruby. I really hope this is worth it because it's already cost me 2000 glim (5 x 400 glim) for the first part.

It'll appear in random intervals among your Opportunity cards. I'm not sure offhand if you need a certain minimum quality, sorry.

Where does one find the "Day at the Races" option?