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Ron wondered how much the tall girl's nonstandard healing process would complicate matters. She sat in the back of the police car, holding her side. If she'd been unclaimed, and their story true, she should be bleeding, but a green growth had closed the wound. The smell, somewhat like freshly cut grass, was odd in this context, but unmistakable.

Her companion caught Ron's eyes in the rear-view mirror, and held them.

"So, what kind are you?"

The assumption he had to be claimed, too, just because he had not sided with the locals whom she accused of taking pot shots at her and her friend, irritated him. However, he cut the lecture, on the basis that she'd had a really bad day. Besides, her assumption was correct.


"So, do you turn into a big shaggy monster on fullmoon nights?"

"He's not that insistent." Well, if she wanted to talk... "What about you? Dragon?"

She rolled her eyes a little. "Wyvern."

"So, do you turn into a venom-spitting flying lizard on occasion?"

She rubbed her cheek self-consciously. The scales had faded to something resembling giant freckles, her eyes to an unspectacular hazel. "I try to avoid it."


Fascinating story... found I'd like to read more!

I love the way that you portray the were-wyvern as having freckles and hazel eyes and like the mirroring of their questions.

Great stuff, I shall look forward to reading more about these characters, I really like the sound of this, and also the touch of humour running through it.

Good luck with the NaNo. :)

Thank you!

Yes, it's a scene for a short story I have in mind. I'm not quite ready to tackle that one yet, since it needs a bit more worldbuilding, but I was looking for something to post that didn't take away too much writing time from NaNo, so I grabbed the snippet of dialogue and added a bit of exposition to hint at context.

A nicely written interaction going on here, I would have loved it to have been longer though, is it possibly part of a larger story?

You know, given that I suffer from period-related mood swings, which make me miserable usually for a week per month. Unlike the people I interact with, I CANNOT avoid the insides of my own head.

Plus, I get to deal with guys who WILL dismiss any woman expressing anger with "she's just on her period", rather than stopping for a second to consider if she might have a reason to be angry.

So, yeah, I didn't find that funny at all.

Don't all women turn into that at least once a month? I'll check Grey's Anatomy.