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Fairies and Fishes

Nico watched the fairies dance in the reeds. "Are they laying eggs?"

"Yes. They stick them to the leaves. Another pest, on top of gnats."

"Can you use the eggs as fishing bait?"

"Not bait as such." Her host looked around furtively. No-one was near. "When I was small we'd drop the eggs in the water for the fish to eat. Made them act like they were drunk. Swim in circles, hit their heads on things... It made catching them with your hands easier. We stopped it after a big pike bit my sister. Don't tell the children, please."


Wow fairy eggs get fish high. You learn something new every day! ^__^

I wonder what other trouble they got into when high on fairie eggs. Nice concrete details create a vivid picture.

Always on the look out for good fishing bait! It's good to know about the side affects. :)

So faerie eggs are drugs for fish? Trippy, without feet!

Honestly, I don't think it's just fish... Which is another reason not to tell the kids. ;)