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German politician believes USA are communist

[...] Josef Schlarmann, Vorsitzender der Mittelstandsvereinigung der Union, [kritisiert], dass “die Bundesregierung mit ihren Mindestlohn-Plänen den Rückfall in Planwirtschaft und Dirigismus beschlossen hat”. (Handelsblatt)

Germany has no laws about a universal minimum wage. Since that means a lot of people work full time and still don’t get enough to live, there’s a discussion about introducing them. Josef Schlarmann, chairman of the association for small and medium sized businesses of the CDU claims this is a step back to "planned economy and statism”.

Considering that most countries in the EU, as well as the USA, and I don’t know how many other countries, have laws dictating minimum wages, I really wonder where he gets those ideas.