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Found stuff, Police themed

Jayne That there on the right is Jayne from Firefly, here in a screenshot from The Train Job.

The badge on his sleeve shows the parka belonged to a police uniform of Rhineland-Palatinate, the German "state" I live in. I wonder why and/or how that happened.

Jayne of all that crew... XD

Female police officers in Paris are not women. Logic says so! Otherwise their being required to wear trousers would be against the law. :D

Some things police deal with are... somewhat weird (old stuff I saved on my delicious account):


well.... in "Freelancer" (hellgood pc-spaceshooter) there is an faction named "rheinland" ..... this is playing some 800 years into the future, with frigates named "saarbr├╝cken" and "koblenz"! ;-)

btw.: feels weird to write as german in english to an other german.... :-D

I was about to say "Or Rhineland-Palatinate stuck around a long, long time", but then, they are now phasing out green uniforms in favour of blue, so, yes, that's a bloody old jacket. XD

whooot!? :-D

that would mean that jacket or at least the badge is about 500 years old ;-D