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Some things to read

A True Gift has a fairy tale flair. It was written by Lyn Thorne-Alder based on a prompt of mine. As of this writing she's still open to more prompts to the theme of Gifts, gifts, and the gifted.

I also finally managed to read a good deal of Friday Flash submissions again, and pick out a few of my favourites:
Aeon by John Xero (fantasy, 101 words)
Belemnite by Gail Aldwin (slive of life)
Cause for Complaint by Emma Newman (fantasy, a bit longer)
Pine Needles & Sherry – A Christmas Ghost Story by Helen A. Howell

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Hi Anke
Thanks for mentioning my flash fiction on your page. I think I'm going to enjoy being part of the #fridayflash community.

You're welcome! I enjoyed your story, and like to share writing I enjoy. ;)