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February Crowdfunding news

If you like supporting creative projects directly, whether by donations or giving people ideas, see if there's something of interest here. It's a collection of projects that caught my eye, particularly fiction Fishbowls where you leave prompts for someone to use as basis for writing. At the end you'll find links to stories written to my prompts in January, as well as my activity last month.

Raising Money

  • Pueblo of Acoma Storytelling Studio - the goal is to build a small recording studio to preserve the Acoma language Keres, as well as orally passed on stories, both of which are at risk of being lost.
  • Plunge Magazine - building a genre fiction (e-)zine focusing on queer women.
  • The Arkh Project - working on a professional quality videogame that stars people of colour and queer characters, rather than tokenising them.

Looking for Submissions

  • Torn world is a collaborative writing an art project around a science fantasy setting. They're always looking for new contributors, but just now they started a contest to the theme Critters of Torn World, with categories fiction, poetry, art, and meta-fiction (articles about the setting).
  • EMG-Zine (Steampunk-themed issue out now!) is a fantasy/scifi zine and looking for art, fiction and nonfiction for upcoming themes. The next deadline is the 1st March, for the theme "Plants". (No payment for art, payment in credits redeemable there and on a few other sites for fiction and nonfiction, so that's somewhere between no payment and token payment. On the plus side, reprints are accepted. Submission Guidelines)


Mostly people looking for writing prompts, but occasionally jams open to anyone. Sorted by date.

  • Running until the 4th - K.A. Jones is looking for fiction writing prompts to the theme "Imbolc and New Years"
  • 4th-5th - Mini Giraffe Call: Lyn Thorne-Alder will be looking for fiction writing prompts for her Aunt Family setting (contemporary fantasy)
  • 7th - Poetry Fishbowl: Elizabeth Barrette will be looking for poetry writing prompts to the Theme "Wild Animals" Announcement for more info
  • 10th-12th - Sketch Fest: people leave prompts. People draw sketches based on those prompts, spending at most 1 hour on each sketch. (This may be cancelled for family reasons by maintainer Ellen Million)
  • Starting 16th: Flash Fiction Fishbowl: I will be looking for flash fiction writing prompts to the theme "Law and Order".
  • Starting 18th - Giraffe Call: Lyn Thorne-Alder will be looking for fiction writing prompts to the theme "Wine and Roses".
  • 19th-20th - Garden of Prose: Clare Dragonfly will be looking for fiction writing prompts to the theme "fountains, statues, and gazing balls"

One place to find more and different projects is the Crowdfunding community at Livejournal, or its sister community on Dreamwidth

Based on my Prompts

  • Rebelsheart got the prompt "twitchy" and wrote a Metroid drabble
  • Lyn Throne Alder wrote Breaking Ground from the prompt "Building freeze after a find during excavations". And Thicker Than... from "family of choice", I think. And Warning Buzz from "Someone with the minor magic gift of being able to talk to insects and spiders".
  • Rix_scaedu wrote The Brief from "interior design by and for mermaids", License Inspection from "performing functional magic as busking", and A Letter From An Old Friend from "What does the Man in the Moon think of Apollo 11 &Co?"
  • Clare-Dragonfly wrote Air Traffic from "paths in the sky".
  • Inventrix wrote Aim for the Sky in response to the question if plant magic exists, and Washed Away to a question about land loss after a storm flood.

My Activity

I'm pecking away at the small art. So far three are finished, but most are inked. There's a slightly out of date photo with a lot of the inked images

In January I posted stories from the "Horror" fishbowl:

I'm currently procrastinating on getting the ebook finished.

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