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Free Small Art 2 - Call Close Report

This round was quite a success. Thanks so much to anybody who took part!

Special thanks go to Lyn Thorne-Alder, who got several of her friends to take part, and Meeks, who plugged away without having requested anything herself. (Meeks has a standing offer for sketching story illustrations whose refinement can be crowdfunded.)

21 people asked for art, and tipped enough to get us past the third tip threshold, meaning:

  • All images will be coloured unless otherwise requested. (1 each for 21 participants)
  • Anybody who tipped at all can request two additional files of different sizes.
  • Anybody who tipped at least $5 will get the original mailed. (That's 15 people)
  • Anybody who tipped at least $10 will get a second image. (5 people, including one who got boosted here by a smaller tip plus multiple referrals.)
  • A random participant gets a 5x7 request in addition to their regular one. (This one goes to jjhunter)

That's 27 images for my to-do list.

So far work has been done on 20 - the first requested images for all comers but the one person who is still gathering references. Most are only rough pencils at this point. For the very curious there are badly lighted, grainy cellphone photos I posted to my Twitter account:
last batch - second batch - first batch

I'll first work on the images for two people for whom I have other things to mail (Eliza and ysabetwordsmith), and later on the rest. It will take a while to go through everything.


You're welcome! I'm no good at prompting, but I do like to promote other crowdfunded art projects whenever I can. :)