Why goals are not useless, even if you don't meet them

The end of the year is approaching, and one of the typical activities for this time is making goals for the next year, and possibly checking how you did on the past year's goals.

Me and goals is a bit of a fraught relationship. It seems hard for me to develop and keep good habits. I mean things like, for example, going for a daily walk, wiping down the shower stall to reduce calcium deposits, or hanging up my jacket after coming home rather than tossing it over whichever convenient piece of furniture is closest when I take it off. I'll keep it up for a while, think it's become automatic... and then drop it again.

On a bad day, thinking about that makes me feel like a complete failure.

It also invites thoughts like "Why bother even making goals?"

But here's the thing:
Even if I drop a good habit after a while, my life will be better for the few weeks or months that I do actively keep it up.

So, I'll keep making goals regarding better habits, and I'll keep trying to meet them, but I'll do my best to not feel bad if I don't meet one.

Gallery Update. It's been a while.

I'm still trying to figure out what'd be a good way to post stuff I've drawn or painted here, seeing how it's both finished stuff and rough sketches, and I don't really want to post a single rough sketch on the front page.

But for now, have a dozen pics from the last few months that I hadn't uploaded here yet:

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Looking for A to Z prompts

Last year I took part in the April A to Z challenge and wrote ficlets, nearly all of them drabbles (that is 100 words long exactly).

You can see the result at April A to Z Challenge 2013 - with a comment mentioning which prompt or prompts I used under each story.

I'd like to try again this year (and see if I can finish earlier, and I'd like you to give me prompts to write to.

So, I need at least 26 words or short phrases, one for each letter of the alphabet.

As an alternative, or additionally, you can also give me the name of a character I've already written about to feature. To make that easier, I made a (not entirely complete) List of Named Characters, with links to their respective stories.

Please help me to fill the list. :D


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Do you have something for me?

A bunch of people I follow on Dreamwidth and/or Livejournal are using Women's History month for a writing meme, so let's try this...

Ask me something about one of my female characters, or give me a prompt specific for one of my my female characters.

Projects 2014

I have a bad habit of putting off stuff. Maybe keeping a list of stuff to do will help. This post will be updated with a link when something is done, or new goals/projects as they come up.


Looks like it. A few things mostly to do with navigation got lost, I'll try to fix those soon.

But the content is there.


Let's keep this short.

Before I started the A to Z thing, I attempted to upgrade the CMS my website runs on.
Something went wrong.
Then something went wrong when I tried to restore it.

Since then I can't create new posts (everything posted since then is repurposed old drafts) or switch on the spam filter.

I had planned to keep going until after the A to Z Challenge was finished, but that was before I knew I'd get over a thousand spam comments a day. After accidentally deleting two legit comments when trying to clean up, I switched off comments, and without a chance of comments, posting's not so much fun.

I'll try to get the page working and updated in the course of the week(end), though I can't promise anything.

Gallery Update - Sketch Fests 2012 and January 2013

I mentioned I didn't keep up with uploading pictures last year, right? So here are all sketches I drew during Sketch Fests. Since I skipped some of them, of this might be unmanageable. I hope this year I can take part more regularly, and finish more things - this batch has a lot of very rough sketches.

Sketch Fest 32 (January 2013)

Last year's under the cut.

Gallery Update - Remaining Art For Others 2012

Last year I didn't nearly draw as much as I wanted, and was remiss in posting the things I did draw online, too.

So, here the remaining images I drew of other people's characters, or for other people in general.

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Cheese Sticks Recipe

Have a recipe for a savoury snack/finger-food that I like making for New Year's Eve.

220g flour
130g parmesan, grated
130g emmenthaler, grated
130g butter
200g sour cream
salt, paprika (sweet)

Mix the ingredients until you get a sorta even dough.

Let the dough rest in the fridge for half an hour.

Roll out the dough to about half a centimetre and cut it into narrow stripes. (Thinner sticks will be finished sooner and/or get crispier, thicker ones will stay more "juicy"; it's a matter of taste.)

Twist each stripe screw-like before setting it on a baking sheet.

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C (that's 392F) and bake the cheese sticks for 8+ minutes.

Yields 4-5 baking sheets full.

Optional: Brush the cheese sticks with egg yolk and add sesame, coarse ground salt, or similar, before baking.

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