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Writing on the Wall

A short time after entering the recently abandoned complex, Nico stopped in front of a lever. Whatever mechanism it belonged to must have been under the floor.

When she didn't say anything, only glared at a sign sloppily taped up at the wall next to it as if it offended her, Daaren asked, "What's the matter?"

"Says 'Do not pull lever'."

"Ah." He understood the dilemma, and why it bothered her quite a bit.

"They could at least have mentioned what would happen if it was."

"Would that make deciding if it was a trick easier?" he asked doubtfully.

She snorted. "No, but I could just pretend I believed it." After another moment of consideration, she shook her head. "Oh, it's stupid. Let's just get on with it."


After they had left it behind, she still couldn't let it go. "I bet it does nothing, and they put it there just to mess with my head."

Now, that idea would have been easy to test. So... "It seems to work."

The gentle mocking tone apparently got through to her, pulling the tension out of her along with the irritation. "I'd better pay attention, eh?"