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Why you don't invite Nico for mountain climbing

The view from the shoulder of the Tellanot - that's a mountain, in case you didn't know - is amazing. If you inch right to the edge of the cliff, and lean forward, You get a feeling almost like falling up into the sky.

I guess I was caught up in admiring it a bit too much, for the next thing that happened was that I fell down past the ground; the edge had crumbled. I twisted and tried to grab the new edge, and Daaren successfully grabbed my wrist, and well, the usual you'd expect happened. With me down the cliffside and him flat on the path, he said, "Don't look down."

I looked him in the face while trying to find some purchase with my other hand, and feet, and asked, "Sure, but tell me why."

He didn't answer until we were lying both on sound rock, panting, myself more than him. Sound rock has benefits, too.

Then he answered, "I thought you might get stupid ideas. Like jumping."

Made me laugh until I couldn't breathe at all anymore. Right to the point, that's him.


Thank you!

I try not to push definitions too much... I know that I skip anything on the FridayFlash list that is labelled as "part X of a serial".

reminded me of a Yasuzo Masumura movie called the precipice (well worth catching if you can)... nice to read flash that is flash, short, contained, but dramatic.