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Curse Law

The assigned counsel made a show of looking something up, and gave her client a long look. She just had to ask, "Boils filled with cats?"

"They were small cats?"

"I mean, where do you get ideas like that?"


"Oh. Pus."

The client nodded.

He looks too mousey to be comfortable around cats. The attorney stared at her client, trying to find her professionalism, which she seemed to have misplaced

He fidgeted. "Well... it was just a hallucination."

"Really? Psychic attack rather than physical? That might work in our favour. At least with the cruelty to animals charge."


I like the combination of curses (and what inventive ways of torture) with a world with legal redress too.

Thank you. :)

My initial idea was a setting where there were no laws against curses (yet) and the "cruelty to animals" part was the only way they could get at this one, but it turned out a bit differently when I wrote it down.

Ha ha, enjoyed that. =)

And a great example of creating a much wider world, with a past and a future, than just the few words you have at your disposal. =)

Thank you. :)