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Stretching Limits

Stories of 55 words? Well, 's better than the 140 characters minus the "#microfiction" tag on Twitter...

Stretching Limits
They had called him mad, but he had proved them wrong by creating a being that they had considered impossible, showing that not a natural law, but merely habit had dictated the humanoid shape of golems so far.

He loved it when learning about his tortoise-shaped mobile home gave people new ideas.


Thank you. :)

Stories of exactly 50 words I've heard called "half-drabble" - I know a few people who like writing fanfiction, and drabbles (exactly 100 words) seem to be a rather popular format there, from what I can see.

The description I found for "nanofiction" said exactly 55 words, plus at most 7 words for the title.

Fifty-five words, now that's tight. Neat concept. Is the idea to hit 55, exactly, or be 55 or less? I used to do Brians, which are stories of exactly 50 words, and like the idea of very short fiction. Sorry it took me so long to come around for a visit. Welcome to #fridayflash.