Improper Breakfast

Setting: Real World
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: Two people have rather different ideas about breakfast
Notes/warnings: none
Words: 100

Since Venice got her new job, breakfast was the same every morning: I had muesli with yoghurt while she got ready, she inhaled some coffee and rushed out of the door.

Until one morning she was not in bed when I woke up, and the whole flat smelled of…

“Is that chocolate cake?”

“Yes!” She beamed. “You kept badgering me about having Proper Breakfast, and with jetlag having me up early, I thought I’d give it a try.”

“Sugar isn’t that good…”

“But it has eggs and almonds, too. Protein!”

“Well. True.” Solid food. A step in the right direction.


She's got a point. I feel the same way about apple pie for breakfast! Fruit and pastry, how is that any worse than a muffin? :D

It's definitely better. :D

This one even counts as fruit!

Eh, why not? Especially when it's freshly made and muesli is the norm!

And almonds are muesli, right?

I like quick and easy to read and a little humor combined. The jetlag explains it all.32

Thank you! :)

I don't see anything wrong with chocolate cake for breakfast. Good story!

Me neither, but personally I'd prefer sleeping long enough to not have the time to bake one before work XD

Thank you!