Wishful Dreams

Setting: real world
Genre: Slice of Life/Humour
Summary: Office chatter about prophetic dreams
Notes/warnings: none
Words: 168

“—so when I dream of something three times in a short time, it’ll happen, I’m sure of it.”

Mattie was tired of walking in on conversations like that, and particularly when Irma—

“Don’t you agree, Mattie? Dreams can be prophetic.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Yes?” Rachel’s eyebrows climbed up to hide under her fringe.

“Well, yeah, see. In the last month I dreamed something four or five times, and it always happened the day after.”

“Ohh, you must tell us more.” Her shiny-eyed excitement made him feel a bit iffy, but on the other hand it wasn’t his problem she was so naive.

“Well, what I dreamed of was a nice, strong cup of coffee with my breakfast. And I made myself a nice, strong cup of coffee for breakfast. Like every morning.” With a half shrug, he added, “I figure my brain craves caffeine by the end of the night.”

With a nod, and a grin answering Rachel’s short burst of laughter, he went on to his office.


Well played!

LOL That's funny.