New Business

Genre: Fantasy
Summary: There are new folks in the area. It makes some transactions awkward.
Notes: Prompted by Rowyn.
Words: 250

“This would work better if you came closer, I’m quite sure.”

“Um, yes, Ma’am.” The farrier was not used to shoeing someone who could talk. He looked back over his shoulder, and a long, roan back. Considering the fine velvet jacket and hat, and the escort of two waiting outside, maybe “Your Ladyship” would have been more appropriate. She had twisted at the hip, or shoulder, to look at him, and did not seem angry. He got back to work, namely, replacing a lost shoe on her left hind leg. She took it patiently.

With the nails cut off, she took a few steps. “This will do, thank you.”

After paying, she turned to leave, but paused. “If I may offer you a little piece of advice?”

He looked up from the unfamiliar coins in his hand. “Yes?”

“It might be good for your business if you paid a little more attention to the look of things.”

The shoes at her forelegs did not have two simple, small half moons at the outer edge, but each a small plate etched with a lily in the centre. “I understand. Thank you.”

She gave him a nod hinting at a bow.

He turned away to not watch her leave.

If there’d be more customers like her… he should ask his niece if she still wanted to learn the trade. He was not really comfortable that close to a woman but his wife with no skirts on, even if she looked part horse.

Fiction tags: Flash Fiction Fantasy


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