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Fangs don't help

She had killed five of the mob, but just too many had come together against her, leaving flight as the only option. Through the ruin, barely more than foundation walls - only when on the far side another crowd waited she realised how well prepared a trap it had been.

The humans waited. A search of the area revealed nothing helpful, just a low ring wall, and a few - very few - stones scattered in the grass. All they had to do was keep her out in the open until sunrise, and the sky already grew brighter. She had a trick that would let her make use of the shadows for longer, and maybe, just maybe she'd get out of this.

By mid-morning some braves started searching the ruin, armed with flails and axes. One of them spotted the cat skulking in the shrinking shadows. She could see him thinking nothing of it for a moment, then glaring back at her with suspicion. When they tried to chase her into the sun, she hissed and spat, but eventually a kick landed. She hit the ground running, warmth on her fur, and very surprised she didn't burst into flame. The few of those still waiting outside that thought to try and stop her she dodged easily, and ran as fast and far as she could, leaving more confusion behind.