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Spiral Sun Cane

I got a biiig box of art supplies in the mail today, mostly paper and Fimo. While I'd been waiting for it, I had an idea for a cane, and here's the result:

The blue was mixed of equal parts Fimo Classic blue and Fimo Soft white (later experiments make me think 4 parts white and one part blue is better for sky blue). Yellow is Fimo Soft sunflower, and the red-orange layer was orange and yellow scraps mixed with indian red.

I rolled out the sunflower and the mixed blue on the thickest setting - 1 - of my pasta machine, and put two layers of each together, for thicker layers. I rolled out the orange-red mix on setting 7, pretty thin, and wrapped the yellow with it - note that the ends are wrapped, too. Then I rolled it up in a spiral.

For the sun rays I rolled a long sausage of yellow, wrapped it in more of the red-orange rolled out at thicknees 7, shaped it slightly triangular in profile, and cut it into lengths corresponding to the height of the spiral. Then I rolled more of the mixed blue into sausages and filled out the gaps between the rays.

Last I rolled out the rest of the blue mix to wrap the outside. I didn't have enough left for two layers at thickness 1, so it's one at 1 and 1 at 2 or 3.

If I try that again, I might use a thicker layer of yellow, or otherwise thinner and in turn more rays.

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