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Fimo Monsters

So, I was working on a bit more Fimo stuff, and my mother asked me if I had some sort of red pendant. I didn't, so I made one, and since she wants to wear it the day after tomorrow, I rushed a bit and didn't make some of the things I wanted to try out.

Since Mutt asked for photos of the draggies, here is a quick preview photo of nearly all of the stuff (click for bigger view):


The two sitting dragons are 2,5 cm = 1 inch tall, the little one is smaller. I made a rush job of the red-and-gold one, placing the eyes too low, and I forgot smoothing the belly properly, so I had to go at it with sandpaper, and will have to buff it up again.

For the scales for a change I tried to cut thin slices of some Fimo rolled out into a thin string and stick them on right away, rather than rolling tiny little spheres and mushing those onto the dragon, but with the metallic effect Fimo that doesn't work well, probably something about mica shift. I'll keep it in mind for normal colours, though, it's way, way, way faster.

The gargoyle head has eyes just like the two black and green dragons, they just don't shine because of the angle. The eyes are rocailles or seed beads or whatever you call them. The important thing to keep in mind is that they get embedded with the side facing outwards, not the hole.
Anyway, back to the gargoyle head: that one was planned as a pendant, but I messed up the balance and it's not usable as such. Maybe I'll repurpose it as a magnet, even if it'll have random holes in it...

Apart from the mentioned problems I am quite happy with those last two pieces; I think I noticed improvement from previous attempts. Yay, practise.

I'm going to test the gold leaf I got for the jewellery design course on the blue thing in the foreground.

On the brownish thing in the background, I tried painting the thing for an aging effect before baking with sepia acrylic ink, and sand it afterwards. The ink gave the clay under it a reddish tint in places, and I nearly get the impression it's in too deep to sand off. Next time, bake first.

Speaking of baking, or curing or what you want to call it: The little dragon charm, which cannot stand up, and the beads I baked in a bed of flour to avoid the shiny "pressure" mark I got otherwise. It worked fine. :)

Anything else i forgot? Oh, well.

Merry Christmas.

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Thanks a lot. :)

The dragons are adorable, and I love the pendants, especially the knot ones.