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Gallery Update. It's been a while.

I'm still trying to figure out what'd be a good way to post stuff I've drawn or painted here, seeing how it's both finished stuff and rough sketches, and I don't really want to post a single rough sketch on the front page.

But for now, have a dozen pics from the last few months that I hadn't uploaded here yet:

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Gallery Update - Sketch Fests 2012 and January 2013

I mentioned I didn't keep up with uploading pictures last year, right? So here are all sketches I drew during Sketch Fests. Since I skipped some of them, of this might be unmanageable. I hope this year I can take part more regularly, and finish more things - this batch has a lot of very rough sketches.

Sketch Fest 32 (January 2013)

Last year's under the cut.

Gallery Update - Remaining Art For Others 2012

Last year I didn't nearly draw as much as I wanted, and was remiss in posting the things I did draw online, too.

So, here the remaining images I drew of other people's characters, or for other people in general.

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Gallery Update

It's been a while since I last announced gallery updates, so a bunch of the postcard-sized drawings, mostly of other people's characters, have accumulated.

And 11 more

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March Crowdfunding News

If you like supporting creative projects directly, whether by donations or giving people ideas, see if there's something of interest here. It's a collection of projects that caught my eye, particularly fiction Fishbowls where you leave prompts for someone to use as basis for writing. At the end you'll find links to stories written to my prompts in February, as well as my activity last month.

Networking on Twitter

If you run a project - writing, drawing, anything else - which involves asking people for prompts, and you plug it on twitter, consider including the hashtag #promptcall

Updates of last month's projects

With a bit over two days to go, Plunge, the ezine for queer women in genre literature, is fully funded.

The Pueblo of Acoma Storytelling Studio on the other hand isn't close to its goal yet, though there are two weeks to go still.

Planned Prompt Calls

Most dates were drawn from start-of-the-month posts in the crowdfunding communities on Dreamwidth and Livejournal

Based on my prompts

I don't think any of those stories need content warnings, though I can't vouch for other content you might find looking around.
Hopefully I didn't forget anything; I need to get more systematic about the bookmarking.

My Activity

Fishbowl stories posted publicly in February:

The Law & Order Fishbowl I ran in February will probably end up with relatively few stories; there is a pattern of someone's general prompt working together with someone else's more concrete one to create one story idea. I'm not as far along as I wanted to be by now, partly because I spent the last three days getting my computer to work again. While I did not lose any actual writing, I'm not sure I'll be able to recover my organised notes with the prompts and ideas based on them. (More frequent and thorough backups in future for me.)

The file with the stories from the Horror Fishbowl is at the editor's.

And lastly, five of the requests from the last Small Art Call are finished now.

That project is going more slowly than I'd like, too, but I'm picking up the pace and hope to get most of it done before March is over.

Gallery Update February

A smallish update of newish drawings, all of other people's characters. The middle three are from the small art call in January. I've been a bit stressed out that month and not drawing as much as I'd planned, but nearly all images from that one are inked, and I'm pecking away at the colouring.

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It's this time of the year again

The End Time, that is. ;) Merry Christmas, or whatever you'd like to be merry about.
Christmas Mouse

To save work, I'll combine this with a general Gallery Update of images I neglected to upload here earlier...
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New art, sketchbook trawl, and looking for feedback

Hey folks! There are two new finished images in here, as well as some rough sketches. If you see one you'd particularly like to see finished, do speak up. :)

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Gallery update

Wow. I've been sorta out of sorts art-wise while working up to graduating. And I didn't scan most of the drawing I did for classwork. Oops.

Well, this is overdue; here are the few random images I drew this year:

Tree SpiderTree SpiderOne Shining EyeOne Shining Eye Phoenix ChickPhoenix Chick Tentacle FlowerTentacle Flower Pause for BreathPause for Breath A single... flower?A single... flower? RoseRose

Then there are the character portraits I drew on request a bit over a month ago. I posted them as I finished them on LJ and Dreamwidth, so I'll cut them here.
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Character Art

My head was too crammed with coding for the last three weeks for writing, but I'll try to restart the Friday Flash habit next week.

Meanwhile, here's most of the rest of the art-crop from this year. They're all drawn for other people, 4 for "secret santa" exchanges, 3 as gifts, though one of the characters in the third pic is my own.
Ungulate Crossing OverUngulate Crossing Over Snog's Little PoniesSnog's Little Ponies Caught a FochsCaught a Fochs Ves for Roo (max10-12a)Ves for Roo (max10-12a) Getting her Feet WetGetting her Feet WetTezTezRunningRunning

See you next year, at the latest. Happy New One!

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