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Fairy Godparents

The guests at the Princess's christening were in awe, and her parents proud as could be, as the three wise women of the Realm had accepted their invitation. All noise stopped when the trio stepped up to the cradle to give her good wishes, in solemn voices sweet as summer wind.

“She shall have a mind clear as ice, so she can detect the flaw in any plan, thing, or person,” said the first.

“She shall have a heart strong as steel, so she won’t be hurt or swayed by trifles,” said the second.

“She shall have a tongue sharp as a knife, and wield it expertly,” said the third.

The suddenly stricken silence was broken by the door opening, a messenger bursting in unanounced and out of breath. “The wise women are dead. I saw their bodies in a ditch...”

The impostors let their glamour disperse, showing skin pale as snow and eyes dark as night sky. One smiled at the messenger, the other two bowed mockingly towards the parents, holding all present spellbound long enough for their parting words.

“She will be strong, and smart.”

“She will do all our Realms proud.”

All three faded like a mirage.

Based on the prompt "The fairy godparents aren't the nice sort of fairy." by rix-scaedu.


Very neat. I'd echo the above comments. Sounds like the beginning of fantasy feminism, which I'd say is long overdue!

Wow, didn't just get the real wise women out of the way but killed them and left them in a ditch, how ignominious! I dub them the not-so-wise women if they didn't see that coming.

Great twist, I thought the blessings seemed a little off, and I really like that you didn't just end it with the twist but rounded the story off, too.

Ha! I love your double-twist here. Not only are the fairy godparents potentially negative, but they're potentially negative in a way that's positive for another character, thus teasing both the fiction and the prompt. Very clever, and ought to create some sharp rulers.

Thank you!

Sounds like the princess got some pretty good wishes bestowed on her anyway. Much more useful than the fair of grace/face nonsense. These gifts she can really use!

Thank you! Yep, I figured something like that. Even if the parents don't like it. X)