This is a secondary world, modern fantasy setting. In the recent past - about the last two or three decades - people with supernatural natures have appeared in the populace. A lot of them match descriptions from legends, folklore and even pop culture, so they often get labelled with familiar terms. There also is some uncertainty how new or old this phenomenon is.

While the mythology is similar, this is not earth; countries and underlying geography are different.

The Republic mentioned in Half A Life Taken is properly called “Holy Republic”. A major influence on the culture is a religion copying real world religions-of-the-book in that it presents humanity as the centre of the world. This makes the question if people with supernatural powers are still human particularly problematic here.
Hunting Season takes place here, too.

A Lawyer Lunch touches on difficulties in law when “undead” suddenly turn out to exist.

Curse Law is a lighter story, also concerned with laws not written to accomodate magic getting bent when dealing with it.

Falling Behind The Changing Times is written from the viewpoint of a cop who got into that line of work before supernatural happenings became part of the consensus reality and has trouble adjusting.