Flash Fiction Fishbowl 3 - Law and Order

The prompt call went up on the 15th February and closed on the 23rd.

I received prompts from 15 people, meaning there'll be a bonus short story. I'll take soundings what people'd be most interested in soon.

There've been 16 linkbacks (+5 on stories). Consider the Emergent landing page a down payment on the promised setting notes.

I received $20 in tips, so there will be a basic ebook of the resulting stories, given to all donators and prompters.

Published Stories

Half A Life Taken
A werewolf remembers the day the rather peculiar law mentioned in Hunting Season was passed.

Based on the prompt "Laws governing lycanthropes (like in that story where they couldn't hunt her once the moon changed), particularly their origins" by Clare K. R. Miller.

<300 words, public since 16 Feb, 2012

Falling Behind The Changing Times
A cop who got into that line of work before supernatural happenings became part of the consensus reality has trouble adjusting.

Inspired by the prompt "A cop who keeps encountering preternatural creatures and incidents that make it harder and harder for him to do things 'by the book,' which he wants to do" by Elisabeth Barette AKA ysabetwordsmith. (Though I suspect it ran a bit away from the prompt.)

<400 words, sponsored by Tango, public since 20 Feb, 2012

Frustration when you're 20, look 10, and are addicted to nicotine.

Inspired by the prompts "Is it okay to sell cigarettes and alcohol to a hundred-year-old vampire in the body of an eight-year-old?" by Tango and "Moral versus legal" by Ellen Million

<250 words, partially sponsored by Tango, public since 24 Feb, 2012

Bearing Witness
When a serial killer can bind ghosts, their victims may suffer even after their deaths.

Inspired by the prompts "Invisible witnesses" and "Crimes against ghosts and spectres" by Tango.

<200 words, public since 2 Mar, 2012

A girl suddenly has serious trouble concentrating on anything.

Based on the prompt "Whim and Chaos" by Deirdre M. Murphy

<300 words, public since 9 Mar, 2012

Jewel Thief
Inspired by the prompts "A species of animal is ruled legally sapient and subject to protection - and prosecution - under human law" which he wants to do" by Herm Baskerville and "The magpie in the tree" by TJK

150 words, public since 17 Mar, 2012

Identity Theft
Identity theft in a setting where transferring a brain to a new body is routine. (Same setting as Immersive Holiday)

The title was a prompt by Becca Stareyes.

<300 words, public since 11 May 2012

War Practises Diplomacy
War made a mistake, and has to get Law back from Death.

Inspired by the prompt "I fought the law and it was a bad idea" by Becky Allen

<300 words, public since 31 May, 2012

When two tribes merge, maybe agreeing on laws beforehand might be a good idea.

Inspired by the prompts "A new colony/landing place/town/something begins building laws" by Lyn Thorne-Alder and "Desert-born mystics writing their holy book deciding on Ten Commandments" by Herm Baskerville

<200 words, public since 22 June, 2012

Crossing Borders
Problems with a theft on a train crossing an international border.

Inspired by the prompts "When the laws become disorder" by Lyn Thorne-Alder, "Law is not order" by Rix Scaedu and "Bloody Cops" by Eliza Gebow

<350 words, sponsored by Lyn Thorne-Alder, public since 25 June, 2012

Just On Paper

Inspired by the prompt "What about the rights of people who *don't* change in a world were were-_____ people have been the majority for most of recorded history?" by LilFluff

<250 words, public since 22 June, 2012

Other Stories

Deliberate Entry
Based on the prompt "How does a vampire cop serve a warrant, if he has to be invited into a home?" by Royce Day

200 words, can be sponsored for $4

Rosy Neighbourhood Relations
Getting the law involved with neighbourhood squabbles.

Based on the prompt "Law and Order, the unnatural forces" by Rix_Scaedu

<300 words, can be sponsored for $6

Lost in the Library

Sort of a sequel to "Scatterbrained"

<350 words, can be sponsored for $7