Flash Fiction Fishbowl 2 - Horror

Twelve people left prompts this fishbowl, two more than in the first attempt.

I've finished 16 pieces of flash fiction, with a total wordcount of about 5800 (including one story that isn't flash fiction anymore, but cracked 1000 words).

Total tips received were high enough for an ebook, which has been assembled; I'm currently looking into getting it proofread.

Published Stories

Antiques - 432 words (went live Dec. 16)
Prompt by Lindsay B.: "An 1800s surgical kit (pic: http://boingboing.net/2009/05/20/1800s-surgical-kit-u.html)"

Persistent Growth - 267 words (went live Dec. 16)
Combines the prompts "Growth" by Eliza and "Spooky plants" Ellen Million.

Appliance Psychic - 430 words (went live Dec. 17)
Prompt by Becky: "the toaster becomes sentinent"

Designer Virus - 367 words (went live Dec. 18)
Prompt by Mayfly: "Undead cattle"

Grave Light - 360 words (went live Dec. 23)
Prompt by Robert S.: "The sun is gone, the dark forces have won and are ruling the lands. Magic is dangerous and usually ends up killing lots of people."

Lawyer Lunch - 100 words (went live Dec. 30)
Prompt by HM: "A cannibal serial killer murders and eats vampires"
ditto on the more of a joke

Rewarded - 200 words (went live Jan. 5)
Prompt by LilFluff: "A human key to allowing werewolves, vampires, and other fantasy monster types to go public is 'rewarded' after they go from hiding, to being in the open, to seizing control."

That which hides in light and song - 189 words (went live Jan. 8)
The title was a prompt by Tango.

All that glitters is not gold - 200 words (went live Jan. 8)
The title was a prompt by Tango.

Rewriting History - 369 words (went live Jan. 19)
Prompt by ysabetwordsmith: "What if elves were actually horrible, and orcs were decent, but the elves have better PR so they've just managed to convince people of the opposite?"

Hunting Season - 472 words (went live Jan 26)
Prompt by Eliza: "Waning moon"
Deals with werewolf hunting season.

Phantom Pains - 362 (went live Feb. 3)
The title (nearly) was a prompt by Eliza.

Fairy Godparents - 190 words (went live Feb. 10)
Prompt by rix_scaedu: "The fairy godparents aren't the nice sort of fairy."

Everyday Fear of Monsters - 100 words (went live May 18)
Prompt by aldersprig: "What frightens the monsters?"
More of a joke, really.

Unfinished Business - 367 words (went live June 8)
bonus story based on the origfic_bingo prompts "toys" and "ghosts / hauntings / afterlife", but fitting the theme

Not yet published

Recalled - 357 words (sponsor for $8)
Prompt by wyld_dandelyon: "a recall"

Haunted - 1061 words (not open for sponsorship at the moment)
prompt by clare_dragonfly: "The way the tree scraped against the house, it really sounded like it was doing it on purpose. But it couldn't be. Could it?"