My Creations


This is a science fiction setting initially inspired by the idea of cyborgs, artificial bodies, and making switching a brain between bodies so routine some people do it for recreation.

To make sure people can recognise each other despite switching bodies, everyone has a unique ID taking the shape of a design built into, or applied to, the face of a humanoid body, or an easy to see location for others. There are both laws and strong taboos against obscuring or faking an ID.


This is a secondary world, modern fantasy setting. In the recent past - about the last two or three decades - people with supernatural natures have appeared in the populace. A lot of them match descriptions from legends, folklore and even pop culture, so they often get labelled with familiar terms. There also is some uncertainty how new or old this phenomenon is.


Eodea is a pre-industrial fantasy setting, more or less kitchen sink.

This page has a sorted overview of stories taking place there.

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