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Fishbowl 3 - Law & Order - Intermediate Report

The prompt call is wrapped up, the writing isn't.

I received prompts from 15 people, including 3 new prompters.

Donations cracked the level required for a basic ebook, so once writing is done, I'll get that put together. I'm planning to get the initial flash-for-prompts finished in the next few days, and the extra short story some time in March.

So far I've finished 9 stories, 3 of which were published. They're all listed here. One or two more should go public; I'm waiting for an answer from one of the tippers if they'd like to sponsor a particular story, or leave the choice to chance or me.
One more story (based on prompts from 2 people) is drafted but needs some edits.
Three more people need to get stories, one of them two, but that might result in a total of two or three more stories rather than five - this Fishbowl has rather more stories grown from combining prompts than the last had.

Setting notes

I counted 16 linkbacks to the call, so that's at least 800 words of setting notes, with ~250 covered by the basic Emergent and Identity landing pages.
Does anybody have something they'd like to see addressed in setting notes? It may be a bit early for this question, but thought I'd ask. :)

Extra story

For getting prompts from 14+ people, I promised a short story, and would like to take a straw poll - which of the following ideas would you rather see me write?

One idea, an older one, is in the Identity setting, dealing with the legal and emotional fallout when it becomes known that someone led two separate lives and married two people, who had no idea.

The second one has at its core a twist on the "angel and devil on your shoulder"-idea: A superstition that each human has an angel, associated with order, and a demon, associated with chaos. A girl suddenly has problems concentrating on anything, and gets the idea in her head that something happened to her angel. (This is an expansion of the story "Scatterbrained" from this Fishbowl.)

Tip allocation

Lastly, I'd like to ask how should tips that went to partially sponsoring a story be treated?
It interacts a little oddly with my habit of posting one story, usually picked at random, from the ones that are not published yet. This week there was one that was 40% funded, and for that I gave it 4 extra "lots" in that drawing - and it ended up being posted.

The tip thus got the story chosen by the donor posted earlier than it might have been otherwise, but no additional words. Does that seem fair to you? (I did promise 400 words in addition to the two freebies per $10 donated this time, and I'll make sure that happens.)

Thanks to everyone who played!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or other comments, please speak up. :)