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Mirrors and Doors

The witch queen was satisfied with her newest work. She smiled at the master artisan as she handed him the heavy purse he had earned for delivering a working basis. Creating a truly perfect duplicate of a door in the Empress's palace was impossible - if for no other reason, then for the wood grain - but the fifth attempt had been close enough to link them.

Nodding and smiling as the artisan bowed, the witch queen considered rumours about herself. A mirror that could take her wherever she wanted if she stepped through it... would that things were so easy.


I like it when bad guys (or gals ;) ) are more than 2 dimensional, with trials of their own.

I'd like to note that the idea that she is bad is all your own. ;)
I rather want to shake this and see if a setting falls out.

Thanks for your comment. :)

Very nice, this Drabble could be developed into something much longer - go on, we all want to know what she'll do next!

There is something brewing, but it might take a while, and it doesn't look like a direct sequel at the moment.

Thank you. :)

Clever, I like the way you capture this world and the difficulties the witch queen discovers but those who don't know subscribe her more power.

Thank you! Elizabeth McCoy pointed out in context with a collection of fairy tales from a fantasy world of hers that in a world where magic exists, the stories would likely have even more of it than there was. :D

I love drabble! Wonder what she is going to do now?