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Prey of Unusual Size

Paell carefully climbed across the dragon's flank, knife in gloved hand. The overlapping scales were hot, only just bearable. The hide below them was worse. Hence the gloves.

You'd think those temperatures would be good for something. If it's a danger to dragonslayers—

With a scraping noise, some of the scales shifted, drawing Paell's attention. He stalked the rippling movement, waiting for an opening. Yes! The knife slipped in the gap and found its target.

It would be amazing if it wasn't so disgusting. Paell plucked the body of the rat-sized mite off his weapon and continued the hunt.


Thank you!

Yeah, I didn't set out planning to reference Princess Bride, but when the title occurred, I noticed where my backbrain pulled it from. ;)

Thank you. :)

Rat sized mite! What a great direction to take this.

Fun misdirection! Great details that make for an intriguing story.

Really like this. Great title, interesting read and a quality twist, all in a tiny space. Good job. =)

(I assume a little nod to the Princess Bride, too? Which is never a bad thing. =) )

This is an awesome idea, very imaginative.