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Mixed media/collage - markers and colour pencils for the background, ink and colour pecils for the butterfly drawn on a separate sheet of card, and some gold-debossed paper for decoration.

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Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams

Based on the prompt "Butterfly Dreams" in Sketch Fest #22

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Follow the Butterfly

Follow the Butterfly

Drawn on black paper using coloured pencils. Needed quite a bit of adjustment after scanning, because if there's one thing my new scanner is really good at, it's picking up paper grain.

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SwarmI did this as ink outlines, with some bucket fill after scanning.
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Prey of Unusual Size

Paell carefully climbed across the dragon's flank, knife in gloved hand. The overlapping scales were hot, only just bearable. The hide below them was worse. Hence the gloves.

You'd think those temperatures would be good for something. If it's a danger to dragonslayers—

With a scraping noise, some of the scales shifted, drawing Paell's attention. He stalked the rippling movement, waiting for an opening. Yes! The knife slipped in the gap and found its target.

It would be amazing if it wasn't so disgusting. Paell plucked the body of the rat-sized mite off his weapon and continued the hunt.

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Skin Problems

Joan liked the feeling of insects crawling over her skin.

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Wilful Misunderstanding

With his nieces either old enough they wouldn't break any of his individually glass-encased insects, or moved so far away they didn't come, John had a birthday dinner in his home again. It did not protect from surprises, though.

He stared at the joint present, purchased under the direction of his younger sister, if her grin was any indication.

"I remembered you were looking for one."

"May, I meant the species of wasp, not something you need specially made."

Hanging from claws on six spider legs from the roof of its cage, the startled tarantula hawk ruffled its wings.

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Brynariath for Kuroiyousei

Brynariath for Kuroiyousei

I like spiders, can you tell? I'm not happy with the nightelf-skintone, but the fuzzyness on the spider was fun.

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Insectoid post

In case you didn't know yet, I like insects, spiders and the like. So, bit of a themed post.

A short video I captured of an ant dragging a rather hefty lunch home:

Bits of my stuff:
Firefly Button Eyes Green plants are out Spider and Pencil

Moths Use Sonar-Jamming Defense to Fend Off Hunting Bats
Dancing caterpillars put off predators (cute photo, found via neatorama)
a bug sculptures photoset on flickr

Origami arthropods found on deviantart, different creators:

That artist of the last one has a lot of other great models in his gallery, only with the thumbnail links disabled.

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