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Frog and Fairy

After a reflexive burst of chaotic magic, the fairy flitted to the closest water lily leaf, stood feet apart, and twisted to pull a sticky lump off her wings.

“I can’t believe you did that,” she snapped at the frog following her. “Do I look like an insect? Do I look edible? I’m bigger than you!”

The frog looked at her forlornly. It would have apologised, if only she would have given back its separated tongue, instead of waving it around for emphasis.


Brilliant flash.

The frog won't be making that mistake again, well, not unless he can grow another tongue that is. :)

Thank you!

Engaging story in so few words - splendid!

Thank you. :)

I doubt if I'll read a more perfect last line this week. Or more amusing. Poor frog.

Thank you!

I figure he'll get his tongue back when she's calmed down a bit. ;)

Oh poor frog! Delightful flash! ^_^

Thank you! Really doesn't pay to startle a fairy...