A New Pet

Setting: real world
Genre: Humour
Summary: Ray introduces a rather eccentric pet to a friend
Notes/warnings: none
Words: 93

Ray had told Janet on the phone he had made a harness so he could walk his new pet.

She had trouble believing his chatter about it, but when they met the next morning, she had proof: A white knob peeking over Ray’s shoulder.

“That… is Hugo? Really.”

Ray beamed. “Yes! People seem to like him, they look very curious.”

“Curious.” Janet suspected “freaked out” would have been more accurate. “Ray… Do you really think carrying around a pet femur is a good idea?”

“Of course! He gets bored home alone all day.”


Great punchline! I shudder to think where Richard found his new pet, though.44

Well, it might be a femur from a pig or other slaughtered animal...

I think I would carry it around, too, rather than let it get bored and wreck havoc at home.

Yeah, once you have a pet, you need to take care of it.

That would draw some odd looks!

yep. Thanks for the comment :)

Hopefully someone else's pet dog won't take too much of a liking to Ray's pet...

"He just wants to play", yeah, right. XD