A Light

Setting: ?
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Grey has seen better times, and is loathe to waste what little he has.
Notes: inspired by a prompt from Thimbleful Thursday
Words: 96

Nico hissed when she stumbled yet again over a root. “Folks, some people cannot see in the dark.”

Sylvie had given herself cat’s eyes; their pursuers were still to close for her to pause and do the same for Nico.

Daaren grabbed her arm and guided her onward. He was a werewolf, and new moon was far off. Nico trusted him without need for thought, so taking his cues worked better than she would have expected at their pace.

“I just hope,” she said when they paused, “we’ll get someplace we can get a light soon.”

Fiction tags: Microfiction Nico Sylvie Daaren