Key Witness

“Jane, we need to have a last chat.”

“Last, boss?” It felt like her head wasn’t connected to her body anymore, and that might just happen.

“You want to turn key witness against me.”

“Oh, no, boss. I— Yesterday that was just showing off to that cute— ahem. I said that I knew enough, not that I wanted to. It was stupid, but I was just kidding around.”

He leaned in and lowered his voice. “Jane, that cute guy was a mole. Police, causing trouble with your little hints.”

“But…” I’m dead. “Police?” she echoed.

A sharp smile. “Just kidding.”

I'm attempting the April A to Z challenge, with fiction with at most 100 words. The prompt "kidding" came from Ellen Million, "Kronzeuge" (German for "key witness") from Barbardin.
If you have prompts for later in the alphabet, please give them to me.

Fiction tags: Third person Drabbles