All verses from the Book of Prophecies were debated, among those who cared about these things.

For example, “The black-eyed bear and the red-backed bear vie for supremacy, but the cat will beat them” had seen various warlords, kings, and politicians assigned to the animal roles. A relatively new reading cast President Elsa Winter as the cat, as she overshadowed her brother’s and husband’s political careers.

Those who considered prophecies Serious Business just turned up their noses at the reading, “there are more photos of cats on the internet than of great pandas and red pandas put together”.

I'm way behind schedule in the April A to Z challenge, but I'm not stopping now. The prompt "pandas" came from Lyn Thorne-Alder, "prediction" from Ellen Million.

If you have prompts for later in the alphabet, please give them to me. :)

Fiction tags: Third person Drabbles