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Thessaly had composed new songs since sailors had gotten wise to how to cross her sea unscathed.

Deep, dark, and slow like a whale’s heartbeat, her voice sank, and swept the seafloor. In the bright shallows the sand grew much-articulated legs as crabs were drawn to her and dug themselves out of their hollows. Further out, it was the big octopuses, tentacles streaming behind them as they hurried to find the source of the melody.

Thessaly shifted it, halting the animals’ motion. She would have to practise making them do what she wanted, but it was a good start.

I'm now halfway through the April A to Z challenge, with fiction with at most 100 words. The prompt "Mermaid" came from Lyn Thorne-Alder, "minions" from Ellen Million.

If you have prompts for later in the alphabet, please give them to me - I have 5 for Q, but none foe R or T.

Fiction tags: Third person Drabbles Fantasy


R is for Railroad(-ing)
T is for Train(-ing)


Thank you, also for the additional prompts. :)

There is beautiful imagery in your piece of flash fiction. I am struggling to think of topics for later on in the month too.

Thank you!
It's not so much struggling, as having "write to prompts" being part of the format. I like writing to prompts. :)