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Blame Game

“It was your idea!”

“I was kidding! You bought it!”

“You could have said, but you went on about cooking it!”

“You tried to put it in the pot, it’s your fault!”

“I don’t care. You two will clean the octopus ink off the ceiling together while I take the poor dear to the zoo.”

So, I'm attempting the April A to Z challenge, with fiction with at most 100 words. "B is for Blame Game" came from Royce Day. C is written, too, but if you have prompts for later in the alphabet, please give them to me.


D is for Defiance.

F is for Frontiers

H is for Homeward

Thank you! I used Defiance, among other Ds ;)

Nice story. I wonder if the poor octopus might be happier in an aquarium than a zoo. ;-)

Thank you.

Ah, yeah, the local zoo has an aquarium, so I tend to conflate them. XD