Everyday Fear of Monsters

“They used to be afraid of the dark,” the old bogeyman said.

“And either huddle or run when they just heard a noise in the dark,” the dullahan added, “or outright faint.”

“Last time I tried to scare someone, they asked where I got the mask,” the nopperra-bo said.

“I blame the movies.”

The dullahan lifted his head from his knees with both hands to nod it.

“They made humans brave.”

The nopperra-bo sneered, “No, they just made them jaded.”

“Either way, I fear we do not matter anymore. Humans have become too good at scaring each other.”

Inspired by the prompt "What frightens the monsters?" by Lyn Thorne-Alder


Loved this! You captured quite a bit in just a few words.

Thank you! :)

To be fair, I've met some really scary people. ;-)

Yes, people can get pretty darn scary.

How ironic! Great story.

Thank you. :)

It's the dark that gives comfort. People live in the light. People are evil. :)

Yes. I did try to pick "monsters" from mythology or folklore that tended to scare but not kill people, too. :)