tagged Super heroes


Setting: ?
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy / Super Heroes
Summary: A police officer sees a costumed hero getting too full of himself.
Warnings: none
Note: The title was a prompt by Ellen Million. Adanne Amaechi appeared in No Getting Away For That Crook, too.
Words: 100

“Are you arresting him?” a little girl shrieked. “But he’s Mister Amazing! He stopped bankrobbers just now!”

The crowd around the police officer and the guy in spandex sounded suddenly unhappy, on the verge of angry, but their hero raised hands and voice. “Please stay calm. I’m sure everything is in order.”

Officer Amaechi fumed inside while he dispersed the crowd with a few more reassurances. Charisma, he had.

On the way to the squad car, he looked at the car stuck in display window. Th fool swaggered.

As if deliberately causing a possibly lethal accident was a good thing.

Fiction tags: Drabbles