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Setting: ?
Genre: Slice of life
Summary: There may be a slight language barrier/connotation problem...
Notes: prompted by Herm, Stefan and Deirdre
Words: 100

Seeing Martin scowl at the world at large was more than a bit unusual. Nico hadn’t thought the small-circle premiere of his song had gone that badly.

“What’s up?”

“Jae called it stupid,” he spat.

“They did?” She thought she would remember that… “Not quite? They said ‘silly’, del—”

“Same thing.”

“Delightfully silly, actually. It’s a compliment.”

Martin huffed. “Silly means stupid. That’s a fact.”

“Nnnn… It’s not just the opposite of intelligent, can be the opposite of serious, too. And I making people laugh was on your agenda, wasn’t it?”

That, he seemed at least willing to consider.

Fiction tags: Drabbles Nico