Setting: Real world, probably
Genre: Slice of life
Summary: Lonely in a crowd.
Notes: Combines prompts by Ellen Million, Becky Allen, and Herm Baskerville
Words: 100

We milled around after school, the usual, me at the edge of the group, laughing sometimes so I could pretend to be part of the conversation, Indigo at the centre.

Rhea suggested an outing, but Indigo took over coordinating. No-one minded; everyone liked Indigo. She had a way of smiling at you that made you feel like she really cared.

Just as I was about to leave, she caught my eye. “Kim! I keep forgetting to ask why you never show up.”

I was dumbstruck, but eventually came up with, “I’ll be there tonight.”

I’d just never felt invited.

Fiction tags: Slice of Life Drabbles


Nicely captures that teenage angst.

I was going for social anxiety, but it's the right direction, anyway. :D

Never felt invited or never felt welcome? If everyone waited for an invitation, no one would ever do anything. :)

Nice slice of life!


And invitations are easy, you just have to ask "want to come?", so unless you want to postulate that you need an invitation to invite someone, I don't think the "no-one would ever do anything" is accurate.