Setting: ?
Genre: ? (It's a fantasy world, though it doesn't show here.)
Summary: After inadvertedly destroying the merchant family he was part of, Brice is on his own.
Warnings: none
Note: The title was a prompt by Becky. Brice also appeared in A Proposal, which takes place later.
Words: 100

In Eravel, news of the fall of the Saba family caused a mere ripple in the grapevine. No-one suspected that might be the name Brice had lost his claim to.

He made pennies reading or writing letters for illiterate sailors, though it put him on a level with a thief - he tried to join the scribes’ guild, but they required recommendation by a member.

Without any connections, he did not seem to have options leading anywhere.

An old one-eyed sailor took pity on him. “If you can do sums, too, I might know work for you.”

“…Thank you.”

Fiction tags: Third person Drabbles