tagged Unicorns


Setting: ?
Genre: Slice of life, humour
Summary: At the museum.
Warnings: none
Note: Uses prompts from Herm and Eliza.
Words: 100

The Natural Historic museum had a spectacular opalised skeleton specimen, and a one of the dialogues that often repeated went something like this:

“Look, it’s a unicorn! Look how it glitters!”

Some parents would say yes, some no, but most would read the signs. “It’s a kind of giraffe.”

“Giraffe? But they have long necks…”

“Not all. There are some other kinds. Those are giraffes because their horns are pure bone. Look at that giraffe skull there, see how they also have horns like that?”

There usually would be a pause, maybe an “ew”. Then, “Unicorns are the prettiest giraffe!”

Fiction tags: Drabbles


Much better than being a one horned goat I guess.