Pink Robots

Setting: ?
Genre: scifi
Summary: Buying an Important piece of hardware.
Notes: prompted by Eliza and Becky
Words: 100

Osra’s daughter looked at the shop’s selection of small robots with wide eyes. She smiled, remembering the excitement of getting her first avatar.

“I want that one!” She pointed to a pink dragon. “Dragons breathe fire!”

“Just pretend fire for this one.”

“Actually,” the vendor said, “I know someone who got a dragon with real fire. They modified it with a small propane gas tank.”

“Can I get one like that?”

Realising their mistake, the vendor backpedalled, “Sorry, that kind of modification everyone must do themselves. Maybe if you study hard, electronics and engineering.”

Osra nodded, satisfied. “We’ll take it.”

Fiction tags: Drabbles