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Setting: ?
Genre: fantasy
Summary: Nico is just drunk enough to ask rude questions.
Notes: prompted by Eliza and Herm Baskerville
Words: 100

Kirah kept to a quiet corner of the party, but Nico approached her.

“There’s a thing I wanna ask you. Why do you pretend you’re human?”

“You’re drunk.”

“A bit, yeah. But you’re a troll. You’ve got a tail under those skirts.”

“It’s very rude to bring up… oddities like that.”

“Yeahbut. You’re a troll. I saw you lick sweet wrappers.”

“Do you want to pretend humans don’t like sweets?”

“Rarely that much. Why’d a troll pretend to be human, anyway?”

“Humans don’t like trolls?”

“Oh. That’s stupid of them.” Nico frowned into the middle distance briefly. “I like you.”

Fiction tags: Drabbles Nico


Sure, but will you still like me when you're sober? ;-)

Yes. Yes, she will.

Ahhhh, I like how you did the subtle reveal at the end. Cool story!

Thank you!