Setting: Yrn, Eodea
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Gumei explores her talent for magic.
Warnings: none
Note: "dancing" was a prompt from Deirdre
Words: 100

Gumei had some time alone atop the school’s tallest tower, for practice. The breeze stroked her bare arms and legs.

Sensing was easy, she just had to invite the wind. It felt like it flowed through her, and with that came an understanding where it had been before. Trying to “see” more, she moved with it, following eddies a shiplenght away from her.

She laughed when she realized she danced. It felt right. With a surge of confidence she wove steps and gestures her mother had taught her into her movements.

When Gumei decided to lead, the wind followed her.


I have heard it said that to dance is to tell a story between the dancers. In this she listens to the story of the wind and then in turn it listens to the story of Gumei.

Oh that's beautiful! Great visuals.